Recent Publications 2001-2002

Paper 01 :

The Effect of Precipitation Aging on the Mechanical Behavior and Microstructure of Aluminum-Lithium Alloys


Paper 02 :

The Effect of Heat Treating on the Precipitation Response and Microstructure of an Aluminum-Lithium-Zicronium Alloy

J.Fragomeni, B.H. Hillberry

Paper 03 :

The Effect of Single And Duplex Aging On Microstructure and Fatigue Crack Growth In Al-Li-Cu Alloy AF/C-458

J.Fragomeni, R.Wheeler, K.V.Jata and S.Geoffrey

Paper 04 :

Integrating Material Science and Processing into the Undergraduate Engineering and Science Curriculum Using Web

J.Fragomeni and Anwar Hossain


Paper 05 :

A study of effects of welding parameters on electron beam welding in the space environment

J.Fragomeni and Arthur C. Nunes Jr.


Paper 06 :

The Strengthening and Microstructure of Precipitation Hardened Al-Li-Cu Alloys

J.Fragomeni and Robert Wheeler