April 25, 2004

P.O. Box 1446
Detroit, Michigan 48068-1446, USA

(313) 993-3285 (office)
(248) 245-4843 (cell)
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email: jamesfrag@yahoo.com

Subject: Application for a position of Assistant Professor or Instructor at the College or

To Chairperson and or Search Committee:

In regards to announcements for various open positions at your University, College, or Technical Training School, I am interested in being considered for an assistant professor, temporary or visiting professor, or lecturer, or adjunct lecturer position, or research position in the College of Engineering, Science, or Technology. This position is an excellent match with my background, research and career interests, and education.

My general background is in the areas material science engineering, mechanical engineering, manufacturing, solid mechanics, mathematics, and engineering science. The emphasis of my research studies has been directed toward developing methods and models to predict the mechanical behavior and properties of materials from microstructure and processing. The research involves solid mechanics on a micromechanical level to predict the macroscopic properties of various alloy systems. This research includes material processing, quantitative microscopy, manufacturing, and mechanical property determination.

My teaching interests include courses in the general areas mechanical behavior of materials, metal processing, solid mechanics, statics and dynamics, material science, manufacturing science, metallurgy, metal forming, mathematics, machining, and fatigue behavior. I am interested curriculum development for new and existing courses and developing new and innovative teaching methods and techniques.

Enclosed is a curriculum vitae and a resume which summarizes my educational background and previous experience. Please feel free to contact me at (248)-245-4843 or (248)-968-0596 or (313)-993-3285 if you have any questions, or need any additional information. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Dr. James M. Fragomeni, Ph.D.
Enclosure: Resume