James M. Fragomeni Ph.D., is a teacher, instructor, speaker, and writer.
He has taught a variety of technical courses within the fields of engineering and material science, and has been an instructor of engineering and science for eight years.
And has given over twenty technical presentations and speeches at national engineering and science conferences and universities on research he has achieved in the fields of material science and mechanical engineering. He has published over forty technical articles in conference proceedings, journal periodicals, technical reports and memorandums. He has given technical presentations at national conferences and meetings including ASME, ASM, TMS, ASEE, and SECTAM. He teaches courses in the areas of material science, mechanical metallurgy, manufacturing, solid mechanics, mechanical engineering, and engineering science. He obtained a BS in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh in 1985, and a MS in 1989 from Purdue University and a Ph.D. in 1994 from Purdue University. He has previously worked in the field of engineering science for United States Steel Corporation, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, DoD/CINDAS, and for the Airforce at Wright Patterson Airforce Base Materials Directorate. He has worked as a Engineering Instructor and Assistant Professor for the past eight years at Ohio University, The University of Alabama, and at The University of Detroit Mercy, and has taught engineering and science courses at Ford Motor Company and at Focus Hope.

He grew up in Penn Hills, a suburb of Pittsburgh PA , and completed grade school at St Bartholomew in 1977, and completed high school at Penn Hills High School in 1981. He moved to Indiana in 1985 to work in industry at United States Steel Corporation in Gary Indiana after completing his undergraduate studies in Metallurgical Engineering at The University of Pittsburgh. After working in industry for over a year he then went to graduate school to study engineering at Purdue University, School of Mechanical Engineering, in West Lafayette Indiana, where he completed his masters and doctors degrees in engineering.

His current research emphasis is on modeling the mechanical behavior and microstructures of high strength light weighting aluminum and titanium alloys as a function of the material processing, manufacturing, and chemistry. This research focuses on the current and future needs of the transportation industry involving the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries. This research involves correlating the mechanical properties to the microstructure and processing.

He is a United States citizen, born in the US in Columbus, Ohio in1962.